Here’s some pictures sent to us by Ryan Davies-Ingham from Conductix-Wampfler who’s currently with his international counterparts in Germany.

Ryan At FrontRyan, pictured at the front on the right, is visiting the company’s head office in Weil am Rhein to better his knowledge of the products that Conductix-Wampfler offer and the applications that they can be used in.

Getting up close and personal with the machines that Conductix-Wampfler manufacturer, Ryan was also dispatched to a port on the border of Germany and Switzerland where the company is quite frankly integral to its operations.

Port Germany

Working for one of the world's leading suppliers of mobile energy supply and data transmission systems, here we see Ryan visiting the dock to witness the products in action on container cranes used to pick up containers and load them onto wagons, trains or to simply stack them. 


The mechanisms he’s particularly interested in include the motorised cable reels, festoon systems and an energy chain. And they don’t come much bigger than this!


Ryan Davies-Ingham…apprentice and international jetsetter!

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